WSEI UNIVERSITY is a non-state higher education institute, founded in 2001. WSEI offers full university degree programmes in a range of academic disciplines. This nation-wide recognized institution received many prizes for offering education oriented to the needs of the labour market. What's important, it constantly modifies the educational offer to match up to those needs. This university has over 6000 students (of which approx 80% are extramural learners) and almost 400 diligently selected & experienced didactic staff. It provides distinctive educational experience, through a range of vocationally related courses, supported by a strong research & knowledge transfer activities
WSEI focuses on building bridges between business and academic sector.

Logo Lusofona


COFAC COOPERATIVA DE FORMACAO E ANIMACAO CULTURAL CRL is a representative of the highly attractive countries for foreign students in our Team. It’s a non-profit organization responsible for the management of the Lusófona University – the largest private University in Portugal, integrating 10 of Higher Education Institutions in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau. The university has over 10000 students and 1500 teachers congregated into 9 Schools. It provides 44 Undergraduate Degrees, 45 Master Degrees, 11 PhD’s and 42 Post-graduation Courses. Not only it is international in scale, but also has a huge experience in research and management of European and International projects.

Profico Skopje logo


PROFICIO Skopje is a non-governmental organization established in 2012 with the mission to advocate social inclusion through encouraging economic prosperity, developing of the multicultural democracy and promoting freedom of speech. Although it’s small in numbers it’s big in dreams. The vision of the PROFICIO is to improve multi-ethnic democracy that allows freedom of speech, public participation and social inclusion of marginalized groups and national and local communities. The organization seek to reduce intolerance between ethnic groups. It tries to achieve its objectives by cooperating with the government, similar organizations in the country and abroad.

Logo Thessalia University


PANEPISTIMIO THESSALIAS is the only higher education institution in central Greece. It has 4 schools with 17 departments – 11 of which are in the School of Engineering. The departments are located in four main towns in the region. It enrols over 10000 students in its Undergraduate and Graduate programmes and has over 1000 staff members. University acts as a consultant for the municipalities and authorities in Thessaly and is, for example, responsible for the introduction of the Internet services to all schools in the area. It has a wide network of collaborating higher education institutions and research organizations on the national and European level.

Foundation ETEA Logo


FUNDACION ETEA PARA EL DESARROLLO Y LA COOPERACIÓN it’s a non-profit foundation involved in the establishment and development of the Loyola University. It plays crucial role in building the global university open to the world. The University is the eleventh of the Andalusian universities and first private higher education institution created as social initiative in the autonomous region. It has a wide network of collaborating schools. In a mission to build the bridge between the social life of the city and University the Culture Area of the Loyola University was established. The activities of the Area are open to the public.

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