Final conference of ISAAC project in Portugal

The principal aim of the “International students’ Action for Adapting Cross-Cultural activities” project is to create a cooperation network and a support model for international students, as well as to make available useful tools that will help them adapt to the new environment. The project also aims to improve the popularity of less popular countries among foreign students through the experiences of more popular countries.

On 30 November 2022, Lusófona University held the multiplier event “Needs, challenges and experiences Good practices in Higher Education – Portugal”, the last dissemination event, where the results developed during the project were presented. In the event was presented 50 participants, both university staff and students.

The project was developed throughout 24 months under the supervision of WSEI University (Poland), with the participation of Lusófona University (Portugal), Thessaly University (Greece), FUNDACION ETEA PARA EL DESARROLLO Y LA COOPERACIÓN – Loyola Univeristy (Spain) and Proficio Skopje (The Republic of North Macedonia) and culminated with the preparation of the module that will support foreign students. Each partner prepared the report on good practices in their countries.

Two handbooks followed, one about “Dos and dont’s” for academic staff working with foreign students, supported by a questionnaire for administrative staff from universities that defined the topics and problems that needed to be covered in the book. The other project result focused on the target group and a Welcome guide for the foreign students was prepared whose objective is to help incoming students understanding cultural differences and to suggest how to cope with them.

All materials are followed by interactive graphics which will improve the practicality of the available materials.

Gallery from the event

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